How it works

The full spectrum xenon light of The Ink Vaporizor is absorbed by the tattoo pigments from underneath the top layer of skin. This super heats them instantly and alters the tattoo ink. The altered tattoo ink particles are then brought to the attention of the immune system. Your immune system immediately sends out macrophage cells to engulf the tattoo ink particles and remove them through the lymphatic system. If you blister, there is also a portion of the tattoo ink that is pushed to the surface of the skin and falls off with the scab. (Note- it is not necessary to take the treatment to the point of blistering.) Different inks lighten at different rates from ipl tattoo removal. Not all inks require blistering to fade. The health of your immune system will also determine how fast your tattoo ink fades.

Here is a short video that shows just how much magnets interact with iron oxides (which are present in 98% of all tattoo inks). Our patent pending Neodymium Magnetic Tip pulls the ink closer to the surface of the skin for a more efficient light treatment. This is the only tattoo removal product in the world that uses magnets during the treatments. The science is solid, with correct treatments the Ink Vaporizor will fade/remove your tattoo ink or your money back. Isn’t it time to say good bye to your unwanted ink?

Here is a chart showing the composition of tattoo ink colors.

Please do your research on all types of tattoo removal before purchasing the Ink Vaporizor. We believe there is no better solution on the market, because your body’s healing process is what removes and fades the tattoo ink. Using The Ink Vaporizor correctly is less traumatic to the skin than getting the tattoo originally, or traditional laser removal. Our Patented Neodymium Magnetic tip pulls the iron oxides present in 98% of all tattoo inks closer to the treatment area for a more effective treatment. Injury can also occur if care is not taken when performing treatments with The Ink Vaporizor. The Ink Vaporizor treatments are non-ablated. Which means it does not pierce the top layer of skin to alter the tattoo ink. With The Ink Vaporizor there is less trauma to the skin. Only 21 days is needed between treatments.

Your tattoo will fade in pea sized spots.


Watch this CNN video on IPL tattoo removal.  Dr’s agree that IPL is the quickest and safest way to remove a tattoo.  Some say it removes them too fast.  Removing tattoos too fast takes away from potential profits.


  • Tattoo removal time varies from person to person.
  • Spot test an area and wait 48 hours to see how you will respond to the treatments.
  • The Ink Vaporizor at home tattoo removal is not recommended for large tattoos. Treat only a credit card sized portion of the skin per session.
  • The Ink Vaporizor may be less effective on very dark skin tones.
  • Wait at least 21 days between treatments.
  • Please follow directions and take care of your skin after treatments.

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