Welcome to our testimonials page.  All testimonials featured here were submitted by real customers. The testimonials came from our Amazon, Ebay, Shopify accounts over the past 6 years.  The design featured on Shark Tank was our old design.  Our Best Design Was Not Allowed To Be Shown On Shark Tank Because Our Patent Was Not Submitted Yet.  The new design is getting amazing reviews.

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by Johnny W on Neo Innovations
Results In one Week!

New message from: jwill1892012 Purchased on ebay 06-07-17 Pics Taken 06-13-17Nick,I did one complete session about a week ago. On a tattoo on my hand.... I am happy to report that after only a week. I am seeing parts of my tattoo disappearing all in all if it continues to go away I would say it is totally worth it. I have pictures if you would like to see the progress.

by Robert on Neo Innovations

Holy crap this thing actually works. Thank you!

by Kesha on Neo Innovations
One Treatment Ink Is Gone

I was really surprised to see the green tattoo was almost completely gone on the parts I treated. It makes me feel a lot better seeing all those results, mine was much less scary and gross looking lol with what seems like better results. Thanks again for the product

by Kesha on Neo Innovations
Great Experience

Got my product a little over a week ago and I came her to say that I am SO HAPPY that I finally purchased this. I had been debating and researching it for over a year, and finally committed to buying it. It took about 10-12 days to arrive.I have to say that I am Extrermly happy with the AWESOME customer service that I have received, while I was waiting on the product, once I got my product, and any questions or concerns that I had after receiving! They have steadily communicated with me on ANY question I have had. If you want communication, I recommend messaging them on Facebook, I think they are harder to reach if you email them.As for the product: I have had it for 8 days and I do have to say that I believe I am seeing results. I have extreme patience for this process and I want it to work. With the blisters that are forming and going away, the ink underneath appears much darker and closer to the surface. So I believe after many treatments, that this process is and will work!! So excited.

by Taylor on Neo Innovations


by Mike on Neo Innovations
Finding the right settings

I purchased from you guys on eBay and went to work immediately, I started at 4.0 and was comfortable, I worked about a 1/4 of the tattoo at that setting and cranked it up to 4.8 on the larger 2nd 1/4 of the first half treated.
The pain was intense in burst. The 4.0 treated area blistered very small and went away with no peeling, the 4.8 was a 3rd degree burn that blistered and ended up removing the skin with the ink in it. I am still healing but the areas that I treated are completely ink free. I will send photos once my skin is healed.

by Matt on Neo Innovations
I can see some fading

this product is taking off my tattoo so far from what i see. it has only been 2 weeks but im hoping it works.

by Tasha on Neo Innovations
Product does work

I have seen results in the first 2 treatments. I am satisfied with the way things are going and have told my friends! thanks

by Jess on Neo Innovations
Great product!

This company has a great product and great customer service. Thank you for taking care of my questions and upgrading me. I have been using 2 other designs and recently upgraded to the new one. It works great just like the others. 😉

by terrence on Neo Innovations

Ive been researching this device for the past 2 months and will finally make my purchase on 12/15 im actually very excited about this device and what it can do . Thanks for such an innovative product that works and is affordable for everyday people such as myself.

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